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    I’m Web Developer

    Web Developer with 4 years of experience in designing and developing user interfaces, testing, debugging, and
    training staff within eCommerce technologies. Proven ability in optimizing web functionality that improve data retrieval and workflow efficiencies.



    I will create you a responsive website for personal or Businessuse.


    I have team who are Professional graphic designer and we can handle your graphic works.


    I can develop any kind of mobile apple for both Google Play Store and Apple Store for your Business.


    I repair all kinds of computer, Laptop specifically but I also have team that works on desktop.


    I have a reliable web hosting company in Nigeria (harmonweb.com), our goal is to host millions of websites without downtime..


    Are you interested in learning web development from the fundamental?, No worries, I can teach that on WhatsApp.

    60% Complete

    My web development skill level

    60% Complete

    My moblie app development skill level

    60% Complete

    My Laptop repair skill level

    Bio & Skills

    My full name is Benjamin Olawoye Oluwaseyifunmi, I originated from Ondo State, Nigeria. I attended Community Comprehensive High School, Shabomi, Ede-Odo in Ondo State. When I was still younger, I love to tamper with electrical objects, though that could be dangerous sometimes though. My Father is an Electrical Engineer, I leanrt a lot from him and that helps me in terms of repairing computer or mobile phone.

    I studied practical computer engineering at Global Computer in computer village, Ikeja Lagos. When I was there learning how to fix laptop from my boss, I sometimes go to other shops to larn phone repair, that's because I love to leanr many skills, though my teacher told me it's not possible to Professionally have more than 10 skills, well I never agree with him.

    After I have learnt computer engineering at Ikeja, I went to Vetebral Academy (Web Development School) to learn web development. There I learnt a lot of things and I really enjoy my moments doing what I love to do.

    Another Skill I got is Citizen Journalist, I learnt this from my elder brother, I work with his media team and from that I also learnt video editting, up till now, I still work with Objectv Media.

    On the 23rd of May 2020, I launched my web hosting company, Harmon Web Solutions. I have been planning to have this since 2018, but it never worked out, but now I thank God everything is working perfectly.

    Hard Skills
    Physical SCiences
    60% Complete

    60% Complete

    Soft Skills
    60% Complete

    Professional Experience
    Since 2016
    Computer Engineering

    Global Computer

    Ikeja, Lagos

    I learnt computer engineering at Global Computer, Computer Village.

    Since 2018
    Web Development

    Vetebral Academy

    Yaba, Lagos.

    Leanrt and practice web development skill at Vetebral Academy in Lagos, Yaba are.

    Academic Background
    2011 - 216
    science Department


    Computer Engineering



    +234 812 158 8790

    Lagos, Nigeria

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